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From the same guys who brought you HVRMINN comes EPONYMOVS, which is a super turbo name for a super turbo brand who turned out a super turbo S/S 16 collection this past Monday. These dudes there love them some suits, but that's not all that's here. The bomber is out of this world, the all camel look is a pure heater and the lineup of double breasted topcoats (or long blazers, however you want to describe them) are also peak. Sure, the tiger camo suit is fucking bonkers, but don't let it distract you from the crisp oxford cloth trucker in slide 6. That's an undercover lava flow in a dormant volcano set to erupt at a moment's notice. That shit would be literally perfect for the swamp ass weather that has enveloped New York City right now. Outerwear is strictly for street style purposes, don't you agree?

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