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Mode Studios has created a video charting the evolution¡Xor disintegration, depending on how you look at it¡Xof the past 100 years in men's fashion.?

Nike Air Force Heels Buy Now, The video breezes through every decade, starting with 1915, using a man dressed in a stereotypical outfit from each particular era. And, according to the video, boy, was it?bleak for a while. Everything starts to go downhill in the '60s section of the video, which shows the model dressed head-to-toe in a muddy yellow. That horrific ensemble is followed by an unbuttoned paisley shirt and pastel suit, an all-white? Miami Vice- esque getup, and baggy jeans paired with a Puka shell necklace from the '70s, '80s, and '90s, respectively.?

If you're interested in more lessons in style history, check out inforgraphics on? shoes , sneakers , bucket hats , and all the trends Kanye West is responsible for . There's also? a video exploring the 400-year history of headgear .?

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Nike Air Force Heels Buy Now Watch the video above to see how far we've come.?