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Damn, the controversy over Kylie Jenner's?braids just keeps getting bigger. After Andy Cohen, host of Bravo's late-night talk show? Watch What Happens Live , called Amandla Sternberg a jackhole for criticizing? Kylie Jenner's controversial cornrow selfie , twitter exploded with cries to #BoycottBravo in Sternberg's defense.

Nike Air Jordan 3 Buy Now, But let's go back to the start of the problem. For those unfamiliar, the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner?family threw up a selfie on?Instagram?last Saturday. While that's par for the course for any Kardashian or Jenner, the picture drew some unintended heat when commenters?attacked Kylie for wearing her hair in cornrow braids, claiming it was cultural appropriation.


I woke up like disss

Nike Air Jordan 3 Buy Now A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Jul 11, 2015 at 11:12am PDT

While the move was questionable at best, things really turned up once the hashtag #whitegirlsdoitbetter appeared in the comments (via a random commentor), sparking a new level of debate. Noticing the hashtag,? Hunger Games ?actress,? Amandla Stenberg?threw shade on whole spectacle , condemning Kylie for using failing to use [her] ?position of power to help black Americans by directing attention towards [her] wigs instead of police brutality or racism.

While Sterberg's?response seemed to voice the feelings of many, Jenner did receive some support for her braidsˇXincluding one Justin Bieber. Defending Jenner's image, B ieber asked people to leave Kylie alone , noting that much of the controversy happens because (like himself) she's under a microscope.

Nike Air Jordan 3 Buy Now It seemed like the dust had settled over the controversial selfie, until Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen called out Sternberg's complaints over Kylie's Instagram. The talk show, which airs on Bravo, targeted the? Amandla Sternberg ?complains in his regular Jackhole of the Day segment. Guests at the time, actress Laverne Cox and ? Vogue ?Editor-at-large?André Leon Talley, were surprisingly on board with Cohen's comments.

Cohen: Todayˇ¦s Jackhole goes to the Instagram feud between Kylie Jenner and Hunger Games? star/Jaden Smithˇ¦s prom date Amandla Stenberg who criticized Kylie for her cornrows, calling it cultural appropriation. White girls in cornrows ˇK is it OK or nay, Laverne and Andre?ˇ¨

Talley: ˇ§To me, itˇ¦s fine.ˇ¨

Nike Air Jordan 3 Buy Now Cox: ˇ§Umm ˇK Bo Derek.ˇ¨

While people were upset with Cohen including Sternberg's complaints as worthy of the Jackhole of the Day, the fact that Cox and Talley, both obviously individuals of color, didn't stand with Sternberg truly set twitter ablaze. The backlash was so strong, that the hashtag #BoycottBravo ( Watch What Happens Live 's network) started trending on Twitter.

Hey Andy Cohen, how dare you attack a smart young black women for speaking her truth. You are the real jackhole of the day. #BoycottBravo

ˇX Jason Pollock (@Jason_Pollock) July 15, 2015

Apology not enough; @Andy + @Bravotv must commit to no longer profit from violent, stereotypical images of Black women #boycottbravo

ˇX (@ColorOfChange) July 14, 2015

I don't expect much from Andre Leon Talley or Andy Cohen, but I expected more from Laverne Cox. #BoycottBravo

ˇX Evette Dionne (@freeblackgirl) July 14, 2015

Naturally, with more controversy swirling, this time around the? WWHL ?remarks, Cohen and Cox have both apologized via social media.

I want to apologize to Amandla. I didn't understand the larger context of this cultural discussion and TRULY (cont)

ˇX Andy Cohen (@Andy) July 14, 2015

Please check out my thoughts on #CulturalAppropriation post my appearance on #WWHL on Sunday @amandlastenberg

ˇX Laverne Cox (@Lavernecox) July 14, 2015

While Cohen has backpedaled on his joking attitude towards the controversy, it's come across as yet another example of insensitivity towards cultural shaming and appropriation. Need we remind anyone of? Fashion Police ?host Giuliana Rancic's insulting remarks about Zendaya Coleman's hair at the 2015 Oscars ?

If there's a silver lining to any of this, it's that Amandla Sternberg has emerged as yet another voice calling for an end to racial divisive narratives. For that, we have nothing but respect.

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End the angry black girl narrative. It's just another attempt to undermine certain perspectives. I have strong opinions. I am not angry.

ˇX Amandla Stenberg (@amandlastenberg) July 13, 2015