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In between attending shows for New York Fashion Week: Men's, Nick Young was able to find time to play fashion editor for a day at Calvin Klein. Opening Ceremony shared Swaggy P's review of the Spring 2016 collection and the chat he had with creative director Italo?Zucchelli about the pieces.

Nike Air Max 95 360 Buy Now, During their conversation, Young asks Zucchelli if he would ever consider designing one of the NBA's jerseys.

:A basketball uniform? Oh my God, that・s interesting,; he said. :It・s tricky because it needs to be practical and it needs to be sporty. I would play with the texture and the color, playing with the print.;?

Nike Air Max 95 360 Buy Now Zucchelli, who previously designed custom clothing for Drake's tour , might be the perfect person to take basketball gear to the next level.?

After taking a look through the collection, Young picked an all-white trench coat and pant as his favorite items, saying You・ve got to go all-white sometimes, just to set the tone and let everyone know you ain・t playing and this jacket right here says it all. ?

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To read the rest of the Young's review head over to? Opening Ceremony .