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The dudes over at Complex Style got to post up at the Levi's Eureka Innovation Lab in San Francisco for a couple days and learn about how Levi's has become the most authentic clothing brand in the world . Also, LASERS ! Jian spoke to some of the big wigs about the brand's history and evolution *falls asleep mid-sentence* over an incredibly long time and how it has positioned itself in the modern day marketplace, especially now that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of denim start-ups that have opened their doors in the past year. Wow, really makes you think about how Kickstarter is fucking pathetic.

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So, yeah, Levi's is an old company, no shit, but it's all about that technology, like partnering with Google for Project Jacquard . However, the coup de grace of this shit is that Jian and James got to experiment with Levi's laser-printing on denim jackets and jeans?in the video above, dropping memes and emojis onto a bunch of pieces. Basically, it's a three-minute thrill ride of James roasting the shit out of Jian for being a fucking nerd, so you know it's definitely worth a watch just for that.