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For many generations, a lot of dudes have been plagued by a fairly embarrassing sex question: ¡§Is my penis pretty?¡¨

Nike Air Shox Buy Now, Well, thanks to a new survey conducted by Swiss researchers , we now have some insight as to what women find attractive in a dong. And surprisingly, length isn¡¦t the most important factor.

Published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine , the study asked 105 women ages 16-45 to rank which physical characteristics they deemed the most important for a penis. Factors such as length, girth, and pubic hair were included in the questionnaire, which was initially intended to?help men who had their penises surgically corrected after suffering?a genital disorder. However, in the researchers¡¦ quest to help this small percentage of men, they discovered some reassuring information that benefits the vast majority of guys: As women get older, they tend to care less and less about what your Johnson looks like.

Nike Air Shox Buy Now So what characteristics do women find important in a penis? Well, in order from most important to least important, the survey revealed the following: 1. General cosmetic appearance; 2. Appearance of pubic hair; 3. Girth and appearance of skin; 4. Shape of glans (the tip); 5. Length; 6. Appearance of scrotum; and 7. Position and shape of the meatus (the opening for urine).

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Again, notice how length¡Xtypically one of men¡¦s biggest concerns¡Xisn¡¦t even in the top half of the list. So breathe easy, guys. Be confident in what you have, and remember: Beauty is often in the eye of the beholder.