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We've all heard a couple of memorable phrases when it comes to the news and advertising. If it bleeds, it leads and sex sells are probably two of the most uttered phrases amongst people in the media and advertising industries. But according to a new study , researchers at Ohio State University have found that the notion that sex sells isn't as true as we might have thought .

Nike Free 5.0 V4 Buy Now, The sexual nature of advertising has been around for years and, now, probably at its peak. Carl's Jr. and Hardee's employs beautiful women to chomp on disgusting burgers they most definitely wouldn't eat and everyone from Pepsi to fashion companies try to peddle some of that sweet, sweet skin as if Hannibal Lecter himself was their target demo. But the conclusions of this new study show that sexual (and violent) content simply distracts the viewer and may actually deter the likelihood that they would purchase the advertised product.?The study reviewed?53 previous studies (shout out to aggregation!) that encompass advertisements in movies, television programs, video games and print, and when it came to sex, the ads were less likely to be remembered by viewers, while violence was even worse, less likely to be remembered and more likely to be thought of negatively.

From personal experience, I actually do happen to remember ads where beautiful, nearly naked women appear. Like, I'll remember who was in it and what the ad was for. Seriously, how could you forget the All Natural Carl's Jr. ad earlier this year? But has it ever actually influenced me to by something that I wouldn't have before? I've literally never eaten at a Carl's Jr because I have some semblance of self-respect and I've never purchased a Calvin Klein fragrance for my girl , even if her dream is to one day eat face with Charlie Hunnam. Similarly, a steamy Giorgio Armani fragrance ad has never enticed her to buy me some shitty cologne just because some naked beefcake was sexy drowning in the ocean.

Nike Free 5.0 V4 Buy Now It really makes you wonder what was actually moving all those Tom Ford-era Gucci units?? Was it the intricate pubes ? Holy shit, maybe Tom Ford is just, like, a good designer? For real though, and I think I speak for most of you, I'll remember the titties, but I still won't buy your shit.

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