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If you know anything about the business side of the music industry, then you must know Lenny S[antiago]. The A&R god has been down with Jay Z and Roc-a-fella literally since the label's beginning, and now he's the SVP of A&R at Roc Nation, doing everything from managing the likes of Rihanna, to orchestrating events and putting in all the legwork involved with landing a guy like Vic Mensa . He's also known on a more niche level as a guy with very expensive, eye-catching taste and that extends from his personal style to design aesthetics. His gold-adorned office at Roc Nation's New York HQ is legendary across social media, so it's about time The Coveteur ? stopped by for an official visit.

Nike Roshe Run 3 Buy Now, The piece de resistance of Lenny's office is that luxurious couch, pictured above, which in any other hands would be a gaudy eyesore. I bought it from a place that wouldnˇ¦t sellˇXyou can only rent the furniture for a cool event or for television, he explains. I begged them for months and they wouldnˇ¦t sell it [to me]. I was offering them double and triple the money. Itˇ¦s funny because when I put the couch and the chairs in my office a couple people were like, 'oh my god thatˇ¦s fucking hideous'. When I finished, little by little, they were all like okay, this is not bad. Clearly, gold is the man's favorite color.

He also details his personal style goal to stand out: I want to be an individual. If Iˇ¦m gonna wear a tieˇXyou know what? 90 out of 100 guys here are going to have ties on. I think Iˇ¦m gonna go with an ascot. I think it looks great, itˇ¦s sexy, and Iˇ¦m least likely to find anybody else wearing it. I wear flamboyant brooches that have floral arrangements and five colors in them. Iˇ¦m gonna get a couple jokes here and there, like ˇĄoh my god, what are you wearing?ˇ¦ but you know what? 99% of the women and 50% of the men who are confident and understand what it is are like wow.

Nike Roshe Run 3 Buy Now And of course, his kick game is just as storied. Featured below are three rare Air Jordan 1, 2 and 3s that fellow sneakerhead Justin Timberlake made for his and Jay Z's Legends of the Summer tour, pairs of which he hand-delivered to Lenny, who says relationships account for 98 percent of his success in the game.

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