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Digital Power Meter Remote Reading / Control System

Power/utility waste has been addressed as more resource shortage nowadays.  Digital Power Meter Remote Reading /Control System provides  schools, factories effectively monitor and control their daily power consumption. Based on the real time data that resource administrators can plan for demand of peak and off-peak to provide better electricity allocation and save utility cost.

Digital Power Meter Remote Reading /Control System with the following advantages that has advanced current product on the market and already helped government to save more than 200 million dollars annually. This system has following advantages:

1. Able to collect current on the shelf multifunction power meter data via RS485 converting to Modbus format for data transmission

2. Link up to 4 receiving servers and two registered server to enhance data accuracy and easy management

3. Data transmitted with XML type via http / web service, also can pass enterprise firewall

4. Collect utility data from Modbus device

5. Remote site software  automatic update

6. Bulletin board provide real time usage to community user to get up to date consumption data

7. Remote IO device installed to effective unload high power consumption device in peak demand time interval

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