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GSM Public Payphone

1. Let Service Provider start getting revenue without fixline installation set up time and cost with GSM payphone

2. Let people who cannot afford to buy mobile phone but can benefit the convenience it delivered to call family, friends and customers

3. One coin can make a GSM call based on the tariff of calling time

4. Public area like airport, supermarket, recreation resorts and hotel can provide the public phone booth to their customers and earn money with this added value device

1. GSM 900/1800, support Voice/ Data

2. Transmit Power: GSM 900: 2 Watts, GSM 1800: 1 Watt

3. Accommodate max. 3 SIM cards

4. Remote Management System

5. Charging Signal: Reverse Polarity, 12K/16K(Optional), or Push to Talk Button

6. LCD: 122/32 Graphics, Dialed Number, Coin Value, Remaining Credit, Reminding Message, Self-Diagnostic Message and Revenue Information

7. Function Keys: Voice Amplification, Language Choice, Redial, Follow-on-Call

8. Housing: Front Side: Al Alloy, Back Side: Steel (SPCC-SD)

9. Coin Slot: Single Slot for multiple kind of coin

10. Coin mechanism: Distinguish 8 types of coin based on diameter, thickness and material

11. Coin Box: Coin box is sealed automatically as it is pulled out of the coin box department. The door of coin box compartment has double lock system. Coin box is made of 3mm stainless steel

12. Dimension: H:529mm x W 276mm x D 235mm

13. Weight: 23Kgs

Product Specification

T: +886-2-2721-3037

F: +886-2-2731-6831