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Flat Panel Membrane

Flat Plate Membrane Module adapt PES and PVDF for the functional layer of the membrane and PET non-woven fabric as the base layer allows the membrane to exhibit superior physical strength and chemical stability. Uniform 0.04gm pore size results in consistently high water permeability with minimal pore clogging. Each membrane panel is constructed by special adhesive gluing and ultrasonically welding a membrane sheet to the ABS resin support plate. This designed make membrane panel compact and chemical in-line cleaning in place (CIP).

The panel block contains a number of membrane panel stacked at equal intervals. Between the membrane panels, a spacer is laid to distribute filtered water into a series of channels that lead to a nozzle on top of the plate. The aeration block consists of air diffusers to provide adequate oxygen for biological treatment and scour the membrane surface to prevent fouling. This structure ensures higher treated water quality and minimizes membrane fouling and pore clogging for consistently high water permeability.

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   Pore size

0.04gm, 0.08gm ~0.4gm available


   Membrane panel

W.490mm x H.1,000mm x T. 6mm, Effective area 0.8m2/panel

   Trans membrane  pressure (TMP)

Filtration ~20kPa


   Operation temp


   pH range

6~8 at activated sludge tank

   Flux rate


   Operating cycle

Filtration 9min, Pause 1min.

   Scouring air rate